Happy Birthday

Happy birthday buddhu… Did you think I would’ve forgotten? Silly girl.. I miss you, you know.. somehow the connection i had with you was something totally different. It was free.. you know like you talk to someone for hours and you dont realize how time went by and you end up falling in love with every word they say? That was you to me. No one can ever come close to being who you were in my life… 

I still shed a tear sometimes when i need someone.. miss those late night video calls… yeah you warned me several times that it wouldn’t work but somehow i felt like staying.. not because i was stubborn.. but because i knew i could never ever get the same feeling with anyone other than you..

Anyhoo.. its your birthday… i dont want to ruin it.. wish you have the best one yet.. I always wanted to see you being happy… no matter what.. still stand by my words of being there for you always.. all i wish is that you find what you’re searching for… do what you’re wishing… live the way you dreamed of… and know that when all else is lost, there will always be one idiot who would still be loving you….


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